While working for New Deal Design,  I helped to reconceptualized the companies website with a small team. The goal, to visualize the innovative, quirky/handmade, and colorful qualities of the team and show what set us apart from other design studios.

The website consists of 6 unique homepages and two color schemes that are randomly selected to vary the experience on every view. Color-treated images dissolve into full color images when the page is scrolled to focus the viewer and add unique elements to the site by pushing common web UI.

  • nddsite_new_home
  • nddsite_old_home
  • nddsite_new_projects
  • nddsite_old_projects
  • nddsite_new_news
  • nddsite_old_news

(redesigned visuals followed by original designs)

  • nddsite_new_mobile_home
  • nddsite_new_mobile_projects
  • nddsite_new_mobile_news
  • nddsite_new_mobile_menu

New Deal Website